Synopsis: Bhagwan Bharose is a story about two young, impressionable kids whose ideas about faith are constantly questioned and changed as their little world expands and takes into its fold, their country’s fast-changing socio-political landscape.

The Hindi film is a tender coming-of-age drama, based on a story by Sudhakar Neelmani, with screenplay and dialogues by Sudhakar and Mohit Chauhan. The film features original music by cult Indian rock band Indian Ocean (Black Friday, Gulaal, Masaan) with lyrics by Sanjeev Sharma (Peepli Live).

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Amar Ujala

Bhagwan Bharose: 'भगवान भरोसे' का लंदन में होगा वर्ल्ड प्रीमियर, शिलादित्य ने खुशी जाहिर करते हुए कही यह बात

शिलादित्य बोरा के निर्देशन में बनी पहली फिल्म 'भगवान भरोसे' का यूके एशियन फिल्म फेस्टिवल में वर्ल्ड प्रीमियर... Read more

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Shiladitya Bora’s ‘Bhagwan Bharose’ to be screened at UK Asian Film Festival

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National Herald

Shiladitya Bora: Directed first feature after 20-year wait

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