Yours Truly

Hindi / Feature / Romance-Drama

Director: Sanjoy Nag

Cast: Soni Razdan, Pankaj Tripathi, Aahana Kumra, Mahesh Bhatt, Vinay Pathak

Synopsis: Amidst the daily din of the local trains in Calcutta, a lonely working woman, in her late fifties, finds herself falling in love with the voice of the railway announcer. Yours Truly is a story about seeking connection and discovering how love can strike at any age- and in the most unexpected places. The film is an official adaptation of one of the stories (The One That Was Announced) from the best seller book Love Stories #1 To 14 authored by Annie Zaidi and published by HarperCollins.


Marathi / Feature / Drama

Director: Abhijeet Mohan Warang

Cast: Prasad Oak, Samay Sanjeev Tambe, Ashwini Mukadam, Vitthal Gaonkar, Nilkanth Sawant

Synopsis: Gandharva, a 7th grade student from a remote village in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra is selected for a National Painting Competition. The winner gets to travel to Spain - Picasso's birthplace - to hone their art. But entering the competition requires a fee that his parents cannot afford. With an ailing mother and a father struggling with debt and alcoholism, the chances of him being able to participate look slim. Gandharva's father Pandurang was once an accomplished stage actor, but his addiction now stands in the way of him performing, which was both his passion and a means to provide for his family. Will Pandurang be able to fight his demons and bring his art back to life - not for himself, but for his son? Picasso is a story about fathers and sons, hopes and dreams - of life imitating art, and how art can heal lives.

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Hindi / Short / Comedy-Drama

Director: Shiladitya Bora

Cast: Manu Rishi Chaddha, Sunita Shyamsunder, Shloak Bhardwaj, Himani Soni, Mahesh Sharma, Lokesh Mittal

Synopsis: An under-appreciated, slightly emasculated father of two is going through the general humdrum of middle class Indian life. Until one day, in front of many, he is unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight, making everyone around see him like never before.


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