It is Platoon One Films' policy not to acknowledge or consider unprompted creative materials, ideas, or recommendations. This is to maintain clarity and distance from any false impressions if your materials, ideas, or recommendations are comparative or indistinguishable to those we have developed independently. As needs be, kindly do not submit to us any unsolicited screenplays, stories, summaries, treatments, ideas, concept footage, samples, mock ups, original work of art or other original creative materials or proposals. Any such entries might be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and will be sent back to the sender, or erased or disposed of, without being evaluated. In the event that you by the by overlook our arrangement and present any materials to us, you recognize that you have perused Platoon One Films' submission policy and that by making such a submission, you comprehend that Platoon One Films has no commitment to you for your submission and that you have no claim at all in view of such submission.